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Geared towards parents and caregivers of children aged newborn to teen, ParentNation is a one-stop shop for reviews of all children’s services and activities. Based on the collective experiences of moms, dads and caretakers across the country the site helps members guide the decisions they make for their children, and save precious time.

Anyone can read the reviews on our site. However, if you would like to write reviews, “like” a review, upload a business, invite your friends, connect with other parents through instant messaging and in our community forum, or write a blog, you must register for the site.

No. Moms and Dads represent a large part of ParentNation, but our community also includes grandparents, extended family members and caregivers. Anyone who has children in their life is encouraged to join.

No, individual membership and participation in ParentNation is always free.

No, you do not have to log in through Facebook, but doing so will create a more customized experience for you in that you will be able to see your friends who are ParentNation members, as well as their activity and reviews.

No, we never share our members’ personal information. For further information, please refer to our privacy policy.

If you only have an individual account, you can terminate your account at any time. While logged in, in the drop down under your profile name, simply select “Deactivate Account”. Please note that all information (such as your reviews) will be deleted. If you wish to join again in the future, this information will not be accessible. You cannot delete your personal account if you have a business account as well. In this case, if you wish to delete your personal account, you must relinquish Administrative control to someone else in your company and remove yourself from the business profile. Once complete, you may terminate your personal account.

Yes, you can choose how we communicate with you by adjusting your communication preferences.  Just log in, click on your name in the top right corner, click on "use parentnation as [your username]", and select "notification preferences".  You can adjust all of your communication preferences here.


Members who write reviews on ParentNation must have first-hand, personal experience with the businesses they write about. Reviews must be authentic and directly related to the services received. Members should always remain respectful and refrain from using language that might be considered offensive. Please click here for guidelines on writing reviews . We believe in giving the full picture and honestly depicting both positive and negative experiences, but please be aware of the potential legal consequences (i.e.: defamation) involved with posting false statements. The purpose of building this community is to exchange honest, helpful information with others who might be considering a particular service. After all, We’re In This Together!

Just click on the “Read and Write a Review” button on the header or the “Write a Review” button on any business profile page, make sure you are logged in, and fill in the simple form. If you are not a member yet, you will be prompted to join.

All reviews on ParentNation are individually screened and approved before being posted to the site. New submissions that are approved will typically appear within one to two business days, if not sooner.

Our team personally screens each review before it appears on the site. If it has been longer than two business days since you submitted your review, please be patient with us as we take reviews seriously and may have received a larger than normal amount of reviews. If you would like to contact us, you can always do so at

In order to maintain the authenticity of our site, reviews cannot be edited or removed after they have been posted. If your experience with a particular business changes over time, we encourage you to write another review to share your new experiences with the community.

You will receive an email and online notification that your business submission and/or review was declined, along with the reason it was declined, as long as you have not turned off these communication preferences.

We don't share our members' personal contact information with businesses. However, businesses that have a PRO account will be able to reply to your review on their profile page where your review appears. Members may also contact each other via our Virtual Play Date (instant messaging) feature.

No, but keep in mind that the more members share their experiences, the more everyone benefits! Remember, We’re In This Together!


The benefits of ParentNation are that much better when you actually know the members posting the reviews! Just go to the Friends tab and select one of these simple options:

  • Invite friends by entering their email address.

  • Search for parents who may be close to you geographically or have similar interests as you.

  • Sign into Facebook and select some or all of your Facebook friends you wish to receive an invitation.

The more reviews you write, the more badges you earn. Badges are earned for writing 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 reviews and are proudly displayed on the member’s profile page. Should you be one of the first 100 members to join from any state, you will earn the status recognition of a Founding Parent. If you see a member with a Founding Parent badge, you'll know they’ve been with us since the beginning! Lastly, Ambassador status is given to a small, dedicated group of parents who support our vision and help to perpetuate our mission in the local communities in which they live.

A Virtual Play Date is a way for members to connect “behind the scenes” and ask follow up questions to a review. Just click on the “Virtual Play Date” button and you will be able to send another member a private message, and they, in turn, will be able to message you back, should they choose to do so. Members will never be able to see your email address or personal information. Members should at all times keep conversations friendly, appropriate and non-threatening. ParentNation adheres to a strict, zero-tolerance policy towards any form of dishonesty, deceit or harassment. If members do not abide by the Terms of Use they risk being removed from the site.

As long as you are logged in, you can post a new topic in any one of our Community Forum conversations.

You cannot delete your posts in the Community Forum.  While the information may no longer be useful to you, other members may still find it helpful.  If there is an issue with your post and you would like your post deleted, please email with a link to the post and explain why you would like your post deleted so that we can assist you.

In order to create a blog on ParentNation, you must have an account and be logged in. Our blog section is intended for parents who wish to share their parenting experiences with our community at a more in-depth level. Our blogs are monitored, so as long content is relevant and engaging, we welcome our parent bloggers to add their perspective to our community.

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We love to hear from our members! You can contact us by clicking here and filling out the simple form. We personally review and consider all input and ideas. If it’s important to you, it’s important to us!



There are many benefits to joining ParentNation. Connect directly with parents and caregivers, build interest with special offers, increase your businesses’ visibility, listen to what your customers are saying for ideas on how to improve your business, communicate with customers whose experience requires follow-up, and more! Click here to see all the benefits of a Business membership on ParentNation.

business membership

There are two types of memberships: BASIC Business membership and PRO Business membership. For more information on the benefits and costs of membership, please click here.

You must have a personal membership with ParentNation as well as a company domain email (e.g.: in order to register your business on ParentNation. If you do not have a company domain email, the email address or phone number used for registration must be clearly displayed on your website. To register, click here. If you already have a personal membership account with ParentNation, click here.

No, any business that offers services or activities for kids can join and/or be reviewed on ParentNation for free with a Basic Business membership. To learn about the many benefits of a PRO Business membership with ParentNation, click here for more information.

PRO Businesses accounts are charged monthly by credit card (all major credit cards are accepted).

Yes! If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, we will terminate your membership, effective the beginning of the following month.


Those affiliated with a particular business (whether owners, spouses or children of owners, management or friends of management) are not permitted to write reviews of their own business or competitors’ businesses. ParentNation holds to a strict, zero-tolerance policy towards any form of dishonesty or deceit. If any business members do not abide by the Terms of Use , they risk being removed from the site.

Businesses who join ParentNation with a PRO Business membership have the ability to respond directly to reviews on the site, which should help to prove your commitment to customer service and in turn, drive more business. For more information on the benefits of a PRO Business membership, please click here.

Comments cannot be edited after they have been posted. If you wish to have your comment removed, please log in to your dashboard, click on Contact Us and send us a request to remove your comment with “Remove my comment” in the subject line and the text of the comment in the email body.

As mentioned above, all businesses with a PRO Business Listing can respond to members' reviews on the site. The best defense is an authentic, honest response. And don't forget; consumers are smart. If you believe a review is obviously untrue, consumers will most likely draw the same conclusion.

Each review has a "Report this review" button. If you see a review that appears to violate our site's guidelines, please click on the link and our team will investigate the review.

business profile

If you are already listed on our site (for example, you were added by a member), you can "claim" your listing and have control over your listing details for free with a BASIC Business Listing. A PRO Business Listing will give you additional benefits for a small monthly fee. Please click here for more information on the Business Listing options.

If your business is already listed in our database, a registered ParentNation member has added your business to our database.  To obtain control of your listing and the information on your page, please register your business by clicking here.  You will be given the option for the Free BASIC level Business Listing or the Paid PRO level Business Listing at that time.

A company domain email is required to claim a business profile on ParentNation. Absent a company domain email, the email or phone number used to register the business must be present on the business’s website. If the “Claim this business” button is not visible on your business profile page or next to your business listing, then your business may have already been claimed by another colleague.

The primary account holder of the business profile can add additional administrators to your business page, but we are unable to share personal information due to privacy concerns. We suggest you contact the business at the email or phone number listed on the profile page to resolve the issue. If you are unable to reach a satisfactory resolution, please contact us at

If you are not yet a registered business, you will need to register with our site in order to gain access to your listing. The BASIC Business Listing is free and will allow you to “claim” your listing and correct any inaccuracies. The PRO Business Listing will give you additional benefits for a small monthly fee. Please click here for more information on the Business Listing options and to register with our site.

Absolutely. If you’d like additional colleagues to be able to manage your business profile, make sure you are logged in, select "Use ParentNation as" on the top navigation and select your business. You will then be able to add administrators within your business dashboard (see below for the various administrative level descriptions).

Primary administrators (limited to one per business account) are able to view and edit profile information on the company’s business dashboard, respond to reviews (Pro membership only), create offers (Pro membership only), transfer primary responsibility to another administrator, add and delete administrators, upgrade and downgrade the membership and close out the account. Editors (up to three per business account) are able to view and edit profile information on the company’s business dashboard, respond to reviews (Pro membership only), and create offers (Pro membership only). Analysts (up to three per business account) are able to only view the company’s business dashboard.

Business accounts may be terminated but please note that all information (including reviews) will be eliminated from the site and cannot be recovered. Only the primary administrator may terminate a business account.

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