Three Best Friends

Three Best Friends
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Robbin Miller is a former little league baseball player after it became legal in 1974. She played from 1975-1977 after enduring boos and negative comments such as "Go home to play with dolls," on the field. Robbin is a mother of a 8 year old boy playing little league baseball this summer. Robbin is an author of "Playgroup Time," and "Three Best Friends," picture books promoting inclusion and diversity for all children with abilities.

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School is back in session as symbolized by the viral photo on Facebook of a mother jumping up and down with a bottle of wine as her two daughters are not smiling. Has anyone seen that famous picture circulating on Facebook? That being said, the superintendent of the school district emailed all parents his detailed speech promoting free speech and responsibility and honoring all diversity of children, staff and teachers. 

With recent events in Texas due to Hurricane Harvey, the climate of fighting hate a few weeks ago seemed to dimmer down for a bit.  American is demonstrating its best in values and principles in helping the survivors of Texas as best as possible in coping with this natural disaster and tragedy.  Prayers for relief and healing are being sent to Texas as I am writing this blogpost. 

I want to share my story on why I wrote my picture book, "Three Best Friends." I taped a three minute clip that is available for you to review to learn about my commitment and dedication in promoting inclusion for all children with abilities.Furthermore, I hope the children who have special and adults with disabilities are getting their needs met as humanely possible in Texas. 

In 2005, I served on a state subcommittee for the Massachusetts Emergency Management Association for Sheltering Persons with Disabilities. The subcommittee recommended that individuals and children be allowed to have their personal care attendants with them if they are sent to a shelter or a hotel in case of a natural disaster. Too often, these individuals are sent to nursing homes and emergency rooms as storing areas due to inaccessible shelters and hotels. The committee also recommended training all staff on disability issues and culture as well. 

My picture book, "Three Best Friends," promotes the theme that all children need to be honored for their differences when it comes to playing together.


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