Being a FUN Aunt
Derby Derby
22 Oct 2015
2 years ago
When my nieces visit us, we love to do stuff with them- Take them to NYC park, theater, zoo etc.. My husband loves to spend time with them as well. When they slept over, he took my younger niece to get Pancakes at 6am while the older one liked to stay home and have a home cooked breakfast. Now that they are older, ( 9 and 12) he loves to get ice cream Sunday ingredients and let them gorge when we come in from walking the dog at night. They live in a very "clean" environment. I don't tell my brother as he would give me a full list of reasons why "that is bad". Is that what an Aunt is suppose to be - a little "non responsible". and A LOT of fun?? That was the favorite time in my life, visiting my NYC Aunt from Westchers where I grew up.