Camp Ballibay
1660 Ballibay Road, Camptown, PA, 18853
Category : Summer CampsPerformance & art
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  • summer theater camp
  • summer art camp
  • sleep away camp
  • summer dance camp
  • summer rock music camp

On a pristine mountaintop in the Alleghenies, over a thousand feet above the Susquehanna River Valley, Camp Ballibay is a haven for the young artist with a love for theater, art, dan....

  • #1 rated Arts Camp on CampRatingZ
  • #1 rated camp in all categories in PA
  • founded in 1964, for kids 8-16
  • major programs in theater, art, rock, & dance
  • plus vocal & instrumental music, film & video, radio, horses, & more!
Reviews (2)
allisonborden allisonborden's picture allisonborden
Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania
Member Since March, 2017
1 Review
Mar 21 2017
Progressive, Creative & Incredible!
I am so grateful to Ballibay for giving my daughter an experience that has forever changed her life. She is (and has always been) an incredibly sensitive, artistic and talented child who just FEELS more than the average person. At Ballibay, she found a place that allows her to be whoever she wants to be. And day to day, hour to hour, that person can change. At Ballibay, that's ok. Everyone gets it - and accepts her for who she wants to be at that moment of the day. And she brought that home with her. Being at Ballibay gave her the confidence and courage to always be herself. To accept herself and others in all aspects of life. To embrace change and new experiences with her whole heart. Ballibay gave her a new voice, a new strength and even a new vocabulary (Ball-i-propriate is a favorite of mine!). She counts the days each year until she returns to her summer home. If your child is creative, artistic, musical, etc, etc, etc - they will find their people at Ballibay!
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KurtV KurtV's picture KurtV
Dryden, New York
Member Since March, 2017
1 Review
Mar 21 2017
Absolutely Amazing
Everything about this camp is just great, all the people are dedicated and friendly, the area is really open and feels like home, the activities offered allow for any kind of art you could imagine, and the camp allows kids to have fun while still being productive and having something to show for it. I'd recommend this camp to anyone even remotely interested in the arts, as a place you can find and pursue your passion while connecting with the camp's community and making lifelong friends.
This review is the subjective opinion of a ParentNation member and not of ParentNation LLC.