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Advertise your business name Checked Checked
Advertise your business address Checked Checked
Advertise your business phone number Checked Checked
Advertise your business category (e.g.: Camp, Activity, etc.) Checked Checked
Direct link to Google map & directions Checked Checked
Add business tag/keywords for more robust search and SEO Checked Checked
Upload business logo Checked Checked
Free email support Checked Checked
Free phone support Checked
Monitor & respond to members' reviews on your business Checked
Access a customized business reporting dashboard Checked
Add special offers to attract target customers to your business Checked
Upload business images and videos Checked
Display business email Checked
Personalized URLs for improved search engine ranking Checked
Free "Find us on ParentNation" decals for your storefront window or office Checked
"Find us on ParentNation" widget for your website Checked
Receive "new review" email alerts Checked
Add a detailed business description Checked
Add business highlights for a quick read for busy parents Checked
Tips & suggested email copy to help drive reviews Checked
No lock-in provision or cancellation fees Checked
100% unconditional satisfaction guarantee Checked
Simple month-to-month billing Checked