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By Dana Stahl on May 16 2017

Are independent schools required to provide accommodations and interventions specified in formal psychoeducational evaluations such as extended time or do they have a choice in what... Read More

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By Renee @ ParentNation on Apr 15 2017

Choosing the best summer camp for your child can be an extremely daunting task, particularly in Westchester where there are hundreds of camps to choose from.  These camps vary greatly, from their... Read More

By Renee @ ParentNation on Apr 06 2017

A Q&A With Backyard Sports Founder Danny Bernstein

We all have those special memories of playing sports as a child that are forever engrained in our minds.  The crack of a bat as it... Read More

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By Dana Stahl on Mar 20 2017


Many students struggle with academic anxiety. Educators often observe that performance anxiety can interfere with the learning process as these students tend to shut down and not ‘hear’... Read More

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By Dana Stahl on Mar 04 2017

 Children who have been classified as learning disabled and who attend public school receive special education services in school. Assuming that learning disabled children receive help for their... Read More

By nicolem on Feb 23 2017

Sure, it's only February, but the promise of warm weather makes it feel like a new season is right around the corner.There’s something about the spring- the blooming flowers, the warm air, the... Read More

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By Renee @ ParentNation on Feb 17 2017

The bell rings for third period.  A flurry of girls rush into the locker room, cell phones clasped tightly in hand.   And then, the clamor of 13-year-old middle schoolers, out of breath, all... Read More

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By Dana Stahl on Feb 07 2017

EA- Educational Advice

How do I help my learning disabled student deal with the social-emotional side of applying to colleges?

by Dana Stahl, M.Ed., Educational Alternatives LLC... Read More

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By Renee @ ParentNation on Dec 07 2016

I’m all for reusing and recycling things if I can give something another life and eliminate waste.  Kids have and need a lot of “stuff”, so it pays to get a little creative.  There are endless... Read More

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By Renee @ ParentNation on Dec 07 2016

For those of us part of the “Sandwich Generation”, life can be a juggle.  The responsibilities of bringing up our children often compete on a daily basis with caring for our aging parents. ... Read More

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By Renee @ ParentNation on Dec 07 2016

Nothing makes me crazier than what I like to call “money suckers”.  These things seem innocuous, but are really a giant rip off in disguise.  With a little flexibility and ingenuity, you can avoid... Read More

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By Renee @ ParentNation on Dec 07 2016

Remember the last time you stuck your hand in your pocket and found some money?  Even if it was just one dollar?  When it happens to me, I think, “Yes!  Found money!” (Even though it was mine to... Read More