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By Advocate on Dec 04 2017

Promoting Early Age Literacy for Young Children

I adopted my son, EJ, in August 2009 in another state. He was born premature and underweight and referred for an early intervention... Read More

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By Advocate on Nov 23 2017

Happy Holidays to all families.

It is that time of year where we are gearing up to plan and to organize and not maybe organize our holiday shopping needs. I interviewed Paula Dendoncourt,... Read More

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By Advocate on Aug 31 2017

School is back in session as symbolized by the viral photo on Facebook of a mother jumping up and down with a bottle of wine as her two daughters are not smiling. Has anyone seen that famous... Read More

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By Advocate on Aug 07 2017

This week, my son, EJ, and I are on vacation from our regular structured routine during the work week.   While some families plan months in advance for their vacations, I just planned it from the... Read More

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By Advocate on Jul 30 2017

Summer is half way over in 2017. Six weeks have flown by and now the countdown begins as school starts for many children in less than thirty days.

Before I ramble on about today’s topic,... Read More

By Renee @ ParentNation on Jul 22 2017

The year was 2007.  My oldest was three and change, my youngest just two months.  It was March and still cold and blustery outside.  The baby was in the vibrating bouncy seat in the TV room... Read More

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By Advocate on Jul 19 2017


The first annual event of “Women in Baseball Week” is from July 24th to July 31st, 2017 across the US.  A.J. Crash Richard created the idea this Spring to honor girls and women playing... Read More

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By Renee @ ParentNation on Jul 07 2017

Are you thinking about returning to work after taking time off to take care of your kids? Grab your journal or notebook and a pen and start by answering the questions below.

Returning to... Read More

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By Advocate on Jul 06 2017

It is Mid-July with several weeks before school starts. Is your child bored already? How do they spend their free time when not engaged in structured activities such as camp and/or enrichment... Read More

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By Advocate on Jul 02 2017

Be Aware of the Summer Slide!

School is out and summer is here. A great time to go on vacation with your family and to play with your friends.  As a child, I remember clearly how I spent... Read More

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By Dana Stahl on May 16 2017

Are independent schools required to provide accommodations and interventions specified in formal psychoeducational evaluations such as extended time or do they have a choice in what... Read More

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By Renee @ ParentNation on Apr 15 2017

Choosing the best summer camp for your child can be an extremely daunting task, particularly in Westchester where there are hundreds of camps to choose from.  These camps vary greatly, from their... Read More